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            Contact:Vic Zhang
            Zip code:261400
            Address:Laizhou City, Shandong Province,China

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            Laizhou CAIC calcium silicate insulation material enterprise
            Laizhou Kaifa high calcium silicate insulation materials company, specializing in the production of various high calcium silicate products: 1000 (1050) HCS-20 1000 (1050) calcium silicate board, calcium silicate board, high temperature of 1100 degrees high temperature resistant calcium silicate board, calcium silicate with high temperature of 1000 degrees, high temperature pipe shell and tube shaped pieces, calcium silicate (temperature 650) microporous calcium silicate board, calcium silicate shell temperature in special adhesive powder, calcium silicate board, calcium silicate board special waterproof agent, special waterproof agent and a series of calcium silicate thermal insulation material,,
            Kayfa calcium silicate is stable in quality, low in price, prompt in delivery and perfect in packaging. With professional technical service personnel and follow up service commissioner, choosing Kai FA insulation is your ideal choice.
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