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            Present situation of high temperature resistant calcium silicate board in Laizho
            Since August 10, 2017, due to environmental reasons, most of the Laizhou Shandong high temperature resistant calcium silicate board manufacturers in production, the manufacturers do not know how to improve the equipment to normal production, has not started; and now high calcium silicate products raw materials supply, prices are rising, the supply can not meet the temporary market, resulting in Laizhou high temperature resistant calcium silicate board product prices continued to rise.
            Laizhou Kaifa insulation material Co. Ltd. adopts steam boiler production 1000 degrees and 1050 degrees high temperature calcium silicate insulation material, at this stage of the normal production of high temperature calcium silicate board, and customers to establish long-term stable cooperative relations, our reasonable prices, there is a need of high temperature resistant calcium silicate board manufacturers may at any time call 18615021345: Manager Zhang WeChat with the No.
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